The king is dead


Hoffers finally met his demise last week thanks to the tenacious bomb tactics of Sid Vicious. It’s about time.

New target: Dylan DK Kennamer. That is all.

Deutschess Down

Greetings poppers,

After a HUGE day racking up dem banana kills and taking the lead yesterday, the Deutschess met her demise in what was described as a “brutal battle with my arch nemesis” Dan Hoffers Hoff. He’s a beast. There’s no getting around it.

Someone do us all a favor and take him down…

Balloon Pickup: 4-5pm CIT computer Cluster

We’re bringing this back:

Happy Popping,


Deutschess Killing Spree

You come at the Deutschess with a fist, she retaliates w/ a banana.

Beware. Someone take homegirl down.

Absence Apologies

Absences are unacceptable. I know I know…

But we’re back, so get ready.

1. The Deutschess wants to be popped. She actually said no one could pop her balloon. And if anyone tried, they would die. Literally die. She called your dogs ugly too. Get at it.

2. Dan Hoff is still on the loose. Although he’s being a weenie and not carrying his backpack around… Everyone give him crap for it.

3. Balloon Pickup: Scili Basement 4:30pm-5:30pm.

Happy popping, loved ones,


Weekend weekend weekend

Balloon pickup: Blue Room 2-2:30pm

Kill of the Week and Team Efforts

1. The Namosaur New Dorm contingent (Stryker, the Chairman, Warrange, and Slush) has joined forces. Players beware. (video below)

Major props to assist maker Dingyi. Video production quality is unreal. Bonus points appropriately assigned to the Chairman. Keep the vids  coming!

2. Kill of the week:

Popper: MC Delta T

Popped: Kuku

Description: Crossing the street into Soldier’s Arch and BAM!  MEMORIALIZED.

3. Balloon pickup time/location: 4:30pm-5:30pm CIT Computer Cluster 

The Rise and Fall of Warrange

MAD props to Warren for 2 consec kills on a relatively quiet day in Namosaur Land. Here are his pop descriptions straight from the log itself:

Target #1: Khalil  Description: “Twas high noon before the Scili where Special K met his swfit demise at the hands of the double teamed Warrange and the Chairman.

Target #2: Kristopher/Slush Description:  Came out of class in the CIT and saw a big red balloon. oopsies

“oopsies”… “OOPSIES” Who “oopsie” kills someone. What a beast.

But, alas, it was not to last. Poor Warrange fell victim to a tag team effort of Hoffers and promising newcomer Mari(o). Balloon may be under your desk, but that don’t mean it safe. Naw meen?

Ch-ch-check it.


“I love the smell of latex in the morning”

1.From: Will Ruehle

Subject: The Ruehler’s demise

Just as the first snows of Leap Day began to fall,
The Chairman–sprinting behind my bike–was the first to lance the target off my back, and as we passed Barrett Hazeltine. As the colored permanent marker from my deflating namesake bled red onto my hands before my entrepreneurial mentor’s eyes, my assailant stood triumphant and shook my hand. God, I love the smell of latex in the morning.

Well put, Ruehler. Well put.

2. Yesterday’s Target of the Day, Dan Hoffers Hoff, still alive? Mad cred to Mr. Hoffers, but let’s go, people. The man should be a bomb right now.

3. Balloon pick up: CIT computer cluster 2:30-3:30pm

#1 Falls

Greetings players,

1. Mr. Jonah Fisher, formerly known as #1, has fallen at the hands of Deutchess. The Commish was so enthralled by the battle that he forgot he had his vid cam in his hand and only was able to capture the aftermath of the epic banana peel duel. Assists doled out to Ms. Addie Thompson and Ms. Rebecca Mazonson.  Deutchess, watch out–J$money Fisher is jonesin for a revenge kill.

2. Our new #1, Dan Hoffers, pulled off a most gutsy move in front of Mayor Taveras last night in an impressive double kill maneuver. Our post-kill text message exchange:

Dan Hoff: Just banana’d tailor daily in the face and then popped another girl’s balloon within 15 seconds.
Namosaur: you are a man on fire
Dan Hoff: Also did it within 20 ft of angel tavares.

Man amongst boys? Perhaps. But definitely your new TARGET OF THE DAY! Double points for whoever takes this man down.


4. Balloon pick up: SciLi Basement 4:30-5:30pm.

Much Love,


Don’t screw with #1

1. New rule updates. Check the bylaws.

2. Scoreboard activity has ramped up. Make sure you check to see if I’ve gotten all your kills.

3. Shit got crazy in the Blue Room today. There’s a reason Mr. J$money Jonah Fisher is #1. Video speaks for itself.